Wow, where did the time go. The last post in September? Well I didn’t drop off the face of the planet. How many have felt that way? You start and the next thing you know a year has gone by. Seems that way or did time speed up? Some really fun things happened since September and how life is a crazy journey. Everything is great then something completely out of the blue grabs ya.

Many things have happened got to work a bit with David Pack (former singer of Ambrosia) and Phil Ehart (drummer of Kansas).

That was a thrill and such great people to work with.  Talk about rocking the house and at the Cathedral Of Faith Church in San Jose. Gotta love it!!

David Pack (Ambrosia), Jeannine O'Neal & Phil Ehart (Kansas)


Also doing some performing at Rancho Nicassio with Sons of Champlain guitar player Terry Haggerty

Jeannine O'Neal & Terry Haggerty (Sons of Champlains) Performance at Rancho Nicassio

Huey Lewis’ manager & Owner of Rancho Nicassio Bob Brown

Jeannine O'Neal with Bob Brown (Huey Lewis' manager & owner of Rancho Nicassio)

and of course some fun stuff with Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs a San Francisco favorite

Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs

Jerry Murphy, Dee Dee Crockett, Robbie Birsinger, Michael Moore, Armen Boyd, Julio Lopez, Tom Tomasello, Bob Brown, Jeannine O’Neal & Bob Sarlatte. Great times had by all.

On the other end of the spectrum is the studio work. I produce albums for artists and that has really been keeping me busy.  Working with Spanish jazz/pop singer LaMariana who is just releasing her first single and we’re working on the album now. Then, Vicky Gonzales is doing an orchestrated spanish album. Also, Kathi Montanez is recording her first Contemporary Christian album and I’ve been blessed to be writing music for a 12 year old artist from LA. Matthew Parry-Jones. He released his single Slammin’ that I wrote for him. Here’s the link:

Matthew Parry-Jones | Slammin'

He’s a very talented young artist with a big heart to help people.

Well that’s about it for now, will add more as more things pop up. Thanks for checking in and listening.

Blessings Jeannine


What a day Sunday was.  Played 3 services at Cathedral Of Faith.  The guest was RAab Stevenson. Awesome singer and vocal coach for folks like

Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and many more.  So we backed him on some songs. Such a pleasure working with a pro like that and what a great singer.

Jeannine O'Neal & RAab Stevenson

Sept. 25, 2012

After three services came back to Cathedral Of Faith to lead worship for THE HEALING EXPLOSION

The Power-n-Praise team joined me in an incredible healing ministry time. Betty Siles is the Pastor for this event.

Power-n-Praise Team

The Power-n-Praise Team

After that was a dash to City Lights Theatre in San Jose for a concert with Jessica Johnson.

It’s a nice cozy intimate atmosphere to perform in.

City Lights Jessica Johnson Concert

Jessica Johnson with Jeannine O'Neal, Joe Reichert, Gus Kambeitz, Tom Tomasello

Now that’s what I call a music day. Gotta love it..

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