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This is a Christian eclectic album with Rock, Pop and Country. Plenty of variety for all ages. A non compromised album praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus.

Genre: Spiritual: Contemporary Christian




This is a wild, uplifting and encouraging album with wonderful worship as well. Just take a listen to the songs. Special guest artist is Tom Tomasello on "Just Walkin' By Faith" a gospel instrumental featuring Jeannine on sax. Tom plays some incredible piano on that one.  Jeannine O'Neal is the vocalist & background vocals on this album as well as playing all of the other instruments. Real Men is a 50'/60's rocker that is very popular in Jeannine's concerts, "I Like Hugs" is a children's song (but everyone likes it). Feel free to listen.

1. I Know That I Know

2. I Like Hugs

3. Real Men

4. Preachers Eyes

5. I Love The Lord

6. Just Walkin' By Faith

7. Amazing Grace

8. Simply Jesus Christ (Worship)

9. Stand Firm

10. Long Term, Full Blown Love

11. My Tenderness, My Strength From God

12. All The Days Of My Life

13. Simply Jesus Christ





Country music, reggae, 50's rock-n-roll, easy listening pop, vocals & instrumentals. Special guest artist on this album are Terry Summa who is featured on jazz flute on the song "In The Garden" a classic hymn with an incredible flute solo performed by Terry. Also featured on the album is Nashville newly elected hall of fame steel guitar player Bobby Black who is featured on dobro on "Get Jesus In Your Life".   Take a listen to these songs for your enjoyment and worship time. This is a good uplifter with encouraging music and strong lyrics.

1. Choices

2. Pity Party

3. Build A Fire Under de Belly

4. Love, Love, Love

5. Holy Are The Hugs

6. O Such Joy/The Greatest Thing

7. Praise Him! Praise Him!

8. Got No Attitude, Got A Heart Of Gratitude, Dude

9. Get Jesus In Your Life

10. He Is The Source Of All My Life

11. In The Garden

12. There Is Almighty God/Awesome God







This is a country album. If you don't like country, this isn't for you, but, it has some country rock stuff. So

it is possible, you might like it. Take a listen and hear. Bobby Black, recently voted into the Hall of Fame,

playing dobro on "Get Jesus In Your Life" and pedal steel guitar on "Resurrection Power Celebration".

"I Am Healed" is being used as a worship song for healing ministries. THIS ALBUM HAS A MARIACHI

SONG ON IT TITLED "YO AMO AMI JESUS". Jeannine is singing English/Spanish and playing sax &

guitar along with mariachi arranger/trumpet player Rogelio  Cervantes. Also special guest artists on this

album is Pastor Rick & Linda Robinson singing the uptempo 2-beat Resurrection Power Celebration. Another

kickin' song is "Faith On The Front Lines". Check it Out.

1. Faith On The Front Lines

2. I Am Healed

3. Yo Amo Ami Jesus

4. Walk The Lines

5. Workin' Fool

6. Cast Your Burdens Now

7. Radically Blessed

8. Choices

9. Get Jesus In Your Life

10. Love, Love, Love

11. Resurrection Power Celebration










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